Cow W/ Bandanna
Cow W/ Bandanna
Cow W/ Bandanna
Cow W/ Bandanna

Cow W/ Bandanna

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•Bump N’ Grind-Bumping' in with top notes of fresh citrus, lime, and orange blossoms, 'Leading to an exotic and fruity blend of berries and cherries. 'Grinding' up with leafy green accents and an intense tart, but yet sweet, a tone that finishes out this playful fragrance.


Note from the maker:

 PJ's Car Candles are made with very high-quality beads, scents, & colors. We're constantly working on bettering each design. These are all handmade by yours truly so they may have slight differences. Please understand I am the only one making these and I try to have your order finished and shipped as quickly as possible. Lasting time is usually around 30-60 days give or take depending on the scent.


These can also be used to smell up other areas such as:




-Gym Bags




And many more.



 Extremely high temperatures may cause fresheners to melt. Avoid laying the fresheners on the dash, floor, console, etc. I am not responsible for melting, damages, or injuries caused by melting.


Colors can vary from screen to screen and in person

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